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Increase your sales and gain more exposure online thanks to our Advertising management solution for Google Ads & Google Shopping.

As an e-Merchant you probably already use a product feed. If you want to advertise on Google Ads or Shopping, DynamAds can help you to create your product campaigns from your feed within a few clicks. Once you have set up your rules (e.g. based on stocks and prices), DynamAds will resume / pause your campaigns automatically and/or update your Ads description (Ad Parameters).

Advertise Online On Google Shopping & Google Ads


#make sales #create #easyStart: Easily plug your product feed and create automatically relevant text Ads to advertise your products Online.

#Save Money: Stockout products will not impact your campaigns performances anymore.

#Save Time: Once your product campaigns are running, DynamAds will automatically resume and/or pause your Ads according to your stocks levels or prices rules.

#automation: Control your product campaigns status automatically according to your Stock.


per month
  • 2 Daily Feed Automation
  • 1 Weekly Ad Parameters
  • 1 Weekly Link Checker
  • 1 Weekly Ads Creation
  • 1 Daily Google Shopping
  • €24.90 by additional user
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