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Increase your Online products awareness and Boost your Google Ads and Shopping Campaigns through your product feed.

You sell a large number of products online, you take care about pertinents Ads and Landing Page Quality, you want to be sure that your products are well advertised on Google Ads. DynamAds can help you to keep your product campaigns up-to-date via your product feed.

You care about your Ads and you want to keep them attractive and relevant.


#Save Money: Don’t waste money or traffic on non relevant products (out of stock, low margin categories, 404 Pages, …)

#Save Time: Don’t spend time checking your feed to know if all your products are running on Google Ads if you still have stocks, …

#Improve QS: Don’t impact your quality score whenever you change your Ads: DynamAds updates your Ads description with price or stock level without changing your quality score.

#daily updates


per month
  • 2 Daily Feed Automation
  • 2 Daily Ad Parameters
  • 1 Daily Link Checker
  • 2 Daily Ads Creation
  • 2 Daily Google Shopping
  • 1 Daily Account Automation
  • €79 by additional user
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